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March 13, 2019  

#36 | Corb Lund

Corb Lund is a singer-songwriter from Alberta, Canada and tours with his band "The Hurtin' Albertans". His music hits home to a lot of rural areas singing often about western and cowboy themes. With nine albums under his belt, Corb has built up international acclaim with his music and performance. For more information on Corb, go to

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February 27, 2019  

#35 | Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson is a singer-songwriter out of Spearfish, SD. He's also the guitarist for the band "The Broken Spokes." His solo debut album is scheduled for release sometime later this year. For more info on Jacob, go to

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February 14, 2019  

#34 | Tyler David

Tyler David is a singer-songwriter out of Canton, SD with a life goal of making music and owning cows. For more info on Tyler go to

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February 7, 2019  

#33 | Anna Robins

Anna Robins is a singer-songwriter out of Rapid City, SD. She also works on short film and her latest, "Hechetu Welo" won Best Documentary Short at the ITI Film Festival. Anna also organizes the Singing Doe Workshop in the Black Hills that highlights the women in music from around her area. For more info on Anna, go to

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January 31, 2019  

#32 | Matt Melanson

Matt Melanson is, among many other things, the sales rep for Crow Peak Brewery in Spearfish, SD. He's been on tour with metal bands and is a life long traveler. He's also a dear friend of yours truly. 

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January 24, 2019  

#31 | Devon Sants

Devon Sants is a singer-songwriter from Rapid City, SD. His latest release, "Mess I've Made", can be found on Spotify. For more info on Devon go to

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January 16, 2019  

#30 | Randy Burghardt

Randy Burghardt is a singer-songwriter out of Wyoming. He is also one of the founders of the Rocky Mountain Country Music Group promoting local and regional country music. You can find more info on Randy at

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December 17, 2018  

#29 | Dan McGuinness

Dan McGuinness is the front man for Creedence Clearwater Revisited, a singer-songwriter, announcer for the Rapid City Rush Hockey team, and host of Danimal Planet Podcast. 

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December 5, 2018  

#28 | Sean Covel

Sean Covel is a film producer best known for his production work on Napoleon Dynamite. In 2015 he founded a children's charity called "12 Days of Pizza" which works annually with Pizza Ranch to help low-income elementary school children eat over school holiday periods all over the midwestern region. Fore more info go to

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October 22, 2018  

#27 | Hank Harris

Hank Harris is a singer/songwriter, as well as photographer, from Johnson Siding, SD. He's been playing, performing, and writing music for over 40 years. Hank has a way of presenting himself in his music that is unique only to him. He has put out two volumes, named the Deadwood Songbooks, showcasing the history of music in Deadwood, SD. His latest release, Tiny Person, tackles some of the toughest social and political issues today and can be found at his shows or on Spotify. For more information on Hank, go to 

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